18 October 2011

WonderWoman is Gone

I was driving John home from work (or maybe he was actually driving?) yesterday, after I dropped my mom off at the airport and he said, "I'm going to miss your mom."

This was not revelation to me, but I asked him, "Why?"

"She's one of us," he said "no maintenance or entertainment required, she is not in the way, and she works."  HARD.

In guy speak this is flattering.  I can hear a typical woman response, "What?!, you like her because she works and stays out of the way?!"

I knew what he meant. We were SO blessed by her, and the boys love her.  This morning Keane wondered where she was when we sat down at the breakfast table.

Above is what I did.  Below is how my mom fixed it.  I had no idea those cute little evergreens were going to be trees my boys would want to climb someday.

So my mom made an actual Chinese garden, which was the goal to begin with, using SMALL plants (key ingredient here)....

...and she built the bridge. 

This is only the beginning.  Two weeks ago the pump that flushes the water out from our washing machine went "kaputt".  So, my mom carried loads of soapy water out to our terrace four or five times, PER WASH.  She did all the laundry.  Things that I wore the day before, were already cleaned and dried the next day (our washer takes 1.25 hrs. and our dryer takes 2.5 hrs. per wash load). 

She cleaned, vacuumed, took care of the boys, played with Keane outside (soccer, T-ball, or whatever else), sprayed weeds, washed all my windows. She made umpteen number of pulled pork enchiladas for our open house and sewed two "Reformation Day" costumes for my kids (Dino, and Albert the Alligator). I'm sure I have forgotten a million things.

My mom is amazing.  She can take apart a car and put it back together again, start her own construction company if she wanted to, tile, paint, decorate, you name it.  Basically, she's WonderWoman, and we'll miss her.

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