21 October 2011

Northeast Fun

We went to Nürnburg or Nuremburg for you Americans. Fun Fun Fun!  I don't know if any of you have been to Playmobil, but it's Disney on a budget and it's more "hands on".  Perfect for Keane.

We also visited friends with some fabulous cake, apparently.  Zeke ate two slices....my slices.

 Keane tried this bungy jumping thing.  He didn't quite get it, but we were cheering him on like he was the best out there.

Taken at the Tierpark (park with animals), while we were watching the dolphins.  Keane went nuts!  He was so loud (nothing new).

Keane and I on a wooden raft.  I meant business, "Keane sit, and hold on!"

She's milking water out of this plastic cow. 

Keane missed a photo-op.

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