09 October 2011

Indoctrination and Camping

So, Keane has joined Awana Bible Club.  So far, it has been interesting.  He is practicing his skills like, keeping his hands to himself, listening to instruction, and sticking to his task.  We have decided that, since he is young (3), I probably shouldn't leave him. So, I guess Mama is joining Awana as well.

So, you're of the persuasion that I'm indoctrinating my child?  This sentiment makes me laugh.  Indoctrination is EVERYWHERE.  Commercials, anyone? News media? (choke/hack) Music? (Just read a few John Lennon quotes about the "movement" he was forwarding).

Hmmmm, let's see.  Schools, wow, how "far" they've come!  At least in the States they started as "religious" institutions to learn to read the....Bible. Now, there is no praying, and no Bibles, in the name of "freedom", but you and I know that a glass is always full, either with air (hot air) or liquid. 

So, what has replaced the Bible?  Exploration of all kinds of other religions doesn't seem to be a problem and the purporting of evolution as fact (another religion), when there is no evidence of one kind of thing changing into another kind of thing....anywhere. Not to mention all of the universal laws it contradicts.  Law of degeneration?

So, don't talk to me about indoctrination.  Don't indoctrinate me.

On another note, a more positive one.  I am astounded at the blessing Jesus has given to this world through his followers.  Mohan is one of them.  He recently sent us an e-mail updating us on his plans for Love Home.

...We are all keeping well and having a lot of fun growing together as a family. We have been reading through the book of Nehemiah – this has been a source of much conversation and stories at meal and bed times. We are constantly reminded how much we need God to 'stand in the gap' on our behalf.  And our biggest need, just like Nehemiah, is finding the people with a similar vision and who would join us in ‘rebuilding the walls at Charmadi'. The task before us is so huge that we will surely fail, if we depend on our own strength.
We are now in the ‘active’ planning phase with adventure camping. A town planner is helping us prepare a master plan – Jan 2011 should see us get started with work on the camp site! We are seeking young bachelors and couples who have a love for children to join us - could we request you to pass the word around among your friends and any other churches/groups where you think there would be people interested to get to the mission field?  If you know of any mission agencies that are India focused, would you kindly send us their contact details?  Are there any Sports adventure ministry groups that you know of we could get in touch with – people with a similar vision? Your ideas, suggestions and advice – even disagreements! - would be most welcome :)) Looking forward to hearing from you.........and thanking God once again for your partnership with us in this work.
Joyful and content, in Him,
Mohan and Janice
So, I am grateful for those out there that are following Christ and taking care of orphans.  If you find yourself on the other side of the fence criticizing faith, and those that follow Christ.  Take a hard look at the evidence of Christ (self sacrificing service) in the world, and consider where those in need would be without God's work on this earth.  If that's the result of indoctrination.....so be it.  

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