01 October 2011

Bursting at the Seems

I met a friend this past week (the featured photographer).  How can I just meet someone and call them a friend? Because it didn't take any time at all before a friendship was confirmed.

We both have a mutual friend.  This friend wrote me and told me that Carly (that's her name) needed a place to stay. I've been learning a few things about hospitality and one of those things is that convenience isn't a part of it.  So, though my mom was coming, and we were going to try to get going on some yard work (finish it), and a dinner party was in the mix, hospitality for someone in need that I have never met, was a privilege, and my calling.

So, our family met Carly.  An artist, a pianist, a teacher, a student who just received her Masters to teach English, and apparently, a world traveler.  Keane showed her how he can order our days with his three year old directives, and she showed him patience and insight into his Type A personality.

Zeke showed her his widest smiles and deepest laughs, and a note of exasperation after Mama and the gall to change his diaper and outfit in one go.  She showed him her interest in his every venture to widen his relationship to the world around him.

She was more of a blessing to have around than she ever was a burden.  We talked about everything from Adele, to health, writing songs to writing resumes.  Which brings up the subject of hiring her to teach English.  She has yet to find a job.  Comment if you know of anything in Europe.  We would love to keep her around.  She has such a sweet spirit and she loves the Lord.

So, what SEEMS like an inconvenience, might just leaving you "bursting" with blessing.

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