18 September 2011

Tye Dyed

I'm sorry for the blogging hiatus.  It was unintentional, really.  I'm the kind of person that gets pretty discouraged with set backs and as it turns out my camera has decided not to share it's photos with the Mac.  So....all my aspirations of sharing what's been going on textually and VISUALLY have been thwarted.

...all but the Tye Dye day.

 Do you ever feel like you've been waiting for something for so long that it seems impossible to wait any longer?

Then the grace of God carries you a little more, and then a little more, and suddenly you look back and discover how much He has blessed you and CHANGED you in the waiting process.

(We are always telling Keane to "wait" and "trust." It's time I learned.)
What does that have to do with Tye Dye?  A LOT.  Do you know how to tye dye?

Well, imagine you're a solid colored t-shirt in the hands of our creative and colorful God. Most of us are pretty satisfied with who we are, aren't we? 

....But God sees our potential.

So he dips us in salt water, a little shocking maybe, but this preps us for the color that will be added, it makes it stick.  Like a tough circumstance that reveals us and shows us our need for change, so when the much needed change happens, it sticks.

Then He twists and turns us.  He refines us.  He binds us.  He doesn't use rubber bands, He uses Himself.  He is in our lives.  He is involved.  Like a rubber band holds a shirt in place with the purpose of a new design.  He IS our mold for our new design.

Then we get dunked in truth, His living Word.  I'm talking submerged.  No sprinkling, dudes. Full on.  Sealed, changed, alive, anew....and we will never be the color we were....again.

The end.

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