08 September 2011


Don't stop.
Try not to think.
You can believe what I'm saying.
Does it scare you?
That I ask so much?
It's only a single vote,
Though it might very well mean
The end of hope.
(No Joke.)

I'm waiting.
What I'm saying is not
What you're hearing.
And where the discrepancies
I'm swaying.

You say you want freedom.
Ok...if I can swing it.
You say you'd like a job...
Now just what are you
Going to do with it?
You know you don't have to
be so greedy.
Look at me!
I'm the picture of needy.

Now all it takes
Is a check in the box...
And I'll minimize all
Your priorities under the
Smoke screen
Of a just cause.
Oh, did I say that out loud.
Well, forget about it.
Just vote for me
I'm waiting now.

Is Donald Duck running?  'Cause I'll vote for him.

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