24 September 2011

Check List

My mom arrived yesterday.  It's been long awaited.  I even called her "mommy" in anticipation, probably freaking out my guest, Carly.

Every time my mom comes, she has a checklist:

1) clothes (they aren't cheap over here)
2) hot sauce (the hot sauce here tastes like ketchup)
3) chocolate chips
4) toys

....and whatever else she can shove in her baggage. This time she brought packages of AA batteries and Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  Batteries? ok Reese's? Uh, yeah!

I like lists. Ta-Do lists, grocery lists (that I never remember or look at), to buy (furniture) lists, song lists (Temple Restored), on and on.

One important list, that I usually keep in my mind, is the daily list.  It includes me, but more importantly, my kids.

1)Devotions- check
2) Teeth brushed- check
3) Clean underwear/ diaper- check
4) Warm clothes-
5) Breakfast-
6) Lunch-
7) Dinner-
8) Fluids-
9) Sing Jesus Loves Me- check
10) Read Stories- check
11) Evening prayers- check

If those things are at least checked off the broader list, I can go to sleep at night easy.  However, it occurred to me the other day some mamas can't check some of those things off their list.


I'm going to a Compassion meeting at Calvary Church in Heidelberg tomorrow night, if anyone wants to join me.

101) Birthday gift for Julian- check

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