16 August 2011


Today Keane awoke with red welts all over his body.  I had flash backs of Lyme's Disease, but Keane was his normal self (for the record, that was NOT how I was).  So, after hide and seek counting all over Keane's arms and legs, we decided we had better take him to the Dr., just in case.  If you nip Lyme's in the bud, you can lick it with antibiotics.

So, our normal Dr. was out of town for a 3 week vacation...figures.  We had to resort to going to the Kinderklinik....again.  I'm surprised they didn't laugh when I got there.  Maybe because all of those people that would have recognized my sorry face work the graveyard shift. 

Keane did much better complying with the strip and seizure portion of the visit in the daylight hours than he did in the middle of the night. Keane got weighed, his height measured, his head measured, his ears checked and all of those fun things without a fuss.  I even prepped him with the possibility of getting blood drawn and not a tear surfaced.

Pretty much wherever I go I usually find someone to pray for.  Today was no exception. That's what happens when you don't know the language well enough to start a conversation with the person next to you. I talk to God, I know He speaks English.

This morning a little girl came into the Klinik, in a wheel chair....crying. Not the kind of dramatic tears kids are great at, nor was it whining (ughhh), she was really crying.  My guess was that she was scared, but it wasn't hysterical, it was genuine.  I wondered how much she had been through already, my heart broke a little.

She couldn't stop. With sobs and gasps for breaths she pulled her little wheel chair up to her seated mom, parked, moved her legs with her little hands, unclasped her belt, and lifted her arms for comfort.  Her mom picked her up in what seemed to be routine, but gently pressed her head to hers. I prayed, "Lord, please comfort her," with my own tears on the verge of spilling.

After Keane's bug bite diagnosis (lots of them), we went out to the foyer to check out the miniature train they have set up in a glass case (that was his treat).  For an arm and just one leg, you can watch the electric wonder scoot around on it's tracks in it's little miniature town. Keane was enthralled and we were about to scoot ourselves when she wheeled up.

I was overjoyed to see her smile. It's usually at these junctures I find myself in my own private glass case.  I patted her head and asked her "are you ok?"  She didn't understand me, but her excitement at the train told me all that I needed to know.  I thanked God that He let me see my answer to prayer.

Here are some other prayers being answered. 

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Kelly Glupker said...

What a neat answer to prayer!