01 August 2011

His Eyes

 I can't wait to sponsor a kid. Right now, with the excess money coming from the government, I've decided that for now I'll just give to a general fund, but the plan is to sponsor a child for both of my boys (and myself) which means two, Lord willing, pretty sure He is.

Tonight I looked at a picture of a boy, who was 16, and needed a sponsor on the Compassion website.  He was from India, one of my favorite places. I couldn't help notice the uncertainty in his eyes. 

His eyes shrink back as his slim form remains still.
Does he wonder if this is a joke?
Maybe he holds himself back
from setting up his hope.
I wonder if this is his last resort, a clinched straw
In his fist?
The idea of good news from afar
too good, but might be missed. 
It's true the number is high, 
the notches on his belt.
He's not as tender in years
Not as small to cuddle,
Is this what he fears?
Ah, but he IS so small,
AND so vulnerable.
Waiting on the line for the good
mercies of others.
Behold! the strength it takes to
stand there, absorbing the
camera flashes,
the eyes of the web,
and....the looking past him.
That's why his slim form remains still,
but his soul shrinks back.

I'm praying for you young man.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I really liked your poem about him. So many children who need to be adopted and many not babies so not as desirable. Adoption is on my mind frequently. I would like to sponsor through CA or another group. It's a great thing to do as a family and with kids.