14 August 2011

A Far Away Trip and Baby Steps

I took Keane to Belgium to go to VBS.  Yes, almost a 6 hour drive.  There were a couple of reasons I did this.  One, I was tired of sitting around this place; two, it was an American VBS that I didn't have to get "signed" into on base; and three, we would be with our good friends with a son his age. So, I anticipated a great week for him, and I wasn't disappointed....although he DID have some issues.

When you get 2 three year old boys together there is going to be an issue or two.  It got to the point that their teachers had to keep them separated to make peace in the VBS classroom. Oh dear. Keane has met a new phase, or rather, it has met him on the broad side. "You are responsible for YOU, son."

He didn't completely get it, of course.  In fact, most, if not all of us still let our circumstances define us, and manipulate us. We come up with the best excuses don't we?  At least kids are honest.  I learned a few things about parenting and I believe, it is me that actually does most of the learning in these scenarios. This circumstance is not unique.  He will face a brawl or two in his life (mainly with his sibling(s)) and, finally, I have to be willing to be a discipler/friend.

Without going into detail, what foresight teaches me about facing future issues relative to the one he faced this past week, is that though his bad responses or aggressions HAVE to be addressed because it is sin (Prov. 29:15, Prov. 19:18).  I don't have to expect he gets it ALL together in one go. He is learning.  Secondly, I learned the value of being a friend to my child when he is tempted, instead of standing far away with my arms folded and a nice glare on my face in anticipation of a fall. Because he is learning, I show him that I'm his biggest cheer leader. He has a decision to make regarding sin and someday a decision ultimately to come to Christ (at least I'm praying the Lord gets him).  He can do it (by God's grace)!

There was a much better response when I assured Keane he could withstand temptation, sat beside him, showed him his capability to discern the wrong turn.  Was it all downhill from there?  Absolutely not.  However, that's a terrible excuse to quit. He's too precious.  Just look at the videos!

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