20 July 2011

We're Still Having Fun.....

I guess we're still on the "new car" high.   I've been able to go anywhere I can take kids, so long as

1) I have snacks available
2) Diapers are changed or potty times are up to speed (no pun intended)
3) The drive is over by naptime (for the bigger one)
4)...well, you know the drill.

Last weekend we went to Schwarzach (I believe is the name).  A nice little zoo/park place.  Lots of animals, food to feed them, a train ride, and a large playground. Woo hoot!  We went with some neighbors.  

 I had a little too much fun today.  Every once in awhile (a great while) my inner artist wants to escape, sometimes, it's not so bad, sometimes I wish I had left the paints in the box and my paintbrushes clean. I'm undecided after today, but I better clean up this mess (I'm in the middle of drilling holes in the wall to put up a coat rack) before John freaks!

The fun is almost done.  John returns the car today.  Oh well, it's still MY car.  :)

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