22 July 2011

Up the Mosel

Up the creek, river, whatever.  That's where we tried to find ourselves yesterday. It takes real gusto for parents of small children to take day trips, and though I live in Germany and I'm American, I don't go for the site seeing all the time.  I just want to get away, get out of the house, admittedly things are simpler with the young ones strapped to their carseats....yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

We went camping on the Mosel two years ago with Keane. There is nothing relaxed about that boy.  John threatened to leave after the first night, but I convinced him to stick it out.  We re-established some boundaries and sanity was gained.  Keane just needed his schedule kept.

John has taken a few days off, so yesterday we drove 2 hours for Flammkuchen, seriously, and it was worth it, plus it was on the water, and I needed my large body of water fix.  We strolled up the river and pretended to fish with Keane, until it was getting close to nap time and Keane lost it.  Then it was time to leave...and drive 2 hours back.

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