29 July 2011

Things My Sons Have Taught Me

Keane is the driver in the family.  There is not a moment that he doesn't have an agenda, from the minute he wakes, until his eyes close for the night.  He even calls out from his room after we have put him to bed to "check up on us," with "Mama?  Daddy?".  He is full of life, sees everything through his potentiality glasses, and has a relentless love of people....even when they are disappointing.

I don't know how many times his loud, high voice has called out "hi!" without a single response, or how many times he has shown his latest toy to older kids "look, see?" only to receive blank stares, but so far, that hasn't stopped him.  Everyday is a new day, every person is a potential friend.  I wish I was more like that.

With just his personality, Keane has called me out of my hermit cage, caused me to drop my guard and care less about what others might be thinking as we point to airplanes and wave, or run around the cul-de-sac pretending to play foot ball.  I've even started to wave at people and say "hi" to people I normally would not have.  Neighbors tell me that I should send him to school so that other kids can teach him how to act (he's a little "out of the box" around here), but I say, "Thank you, Jesus, for Keane."  I'll keep him.

Ezekiel John is someone I'm still getting to know, however, I do know he loves his older brother, takes him for who he is, absorbs his every movement, loves to laugh with him and visa versa.  Zeke has a great laugh and a great smile to go with it. In fact, he wants to laugh.  Sometimes I don't. Sometimes the cares of the world have overtaken me, and I look back without being able to remember the last time I laughed. Zeke reminds me that all I have to do is do it, and it's even better to make someone else laugh with me.  With his eyes and attentive heart and mind, he says to me "Laugh Mama, make me laugh too."  God was not kidding when he said, "Children are a blessing."

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