16 July 2011

Lemonade (some thoughts on grace)

No answers to my question marks
and a sea too deep to swim
not a sound in my ear when a comforting song chimes in
the lemons never made lemonade
I can hardly try again
I just want my 25 cents worth of insight to
Your plan

There is sun, on the other side of the shade
I know the path that You are leading me on is straight
The stars always shine brightest in the darkest sky
You are wanting to use me in this place
All I need to ask for now, is grace.

The cloud of witnesses comfort and convict
seems I'm running now without the effort I possess
my strength long gone,
You still sing the song already sung
No one can change Your plan
So blessed to be part of winning
My heart is undone

the grace displayed, wasn't mine for the taking
it was for You to give it to me
and I partake
This grace, the whole of my soul can't wrap around it
But it is found in it,
Oh Your grace.
an endless flow of purpose,love, and meaning
an undertow of strength for the day
all I ask for now and need, is grace.

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