08 July 2011

4th of July????

Where'd it go?  It passed without nary a picture.  Shoot! (no pun intended).  Per usual we had our annual Pancake Breakfast that falls usually around the 4th.  It's a way that I celebrate, because John never gets the day off over here for some strange reason.  I suppose it's because we live Germany and not the U.S. of A.

So, Saturday was the breakfast.  Good times.  A couple families from our new church attended + some old friends.  They came bearing gifts.  Someone makes some rockin' strawberry jam.  It was so much of a inspiration that Keane and I went strawberry picking the next day after church.  I got a few pictures of him snacking on some, but that is pretty much it.  Bummer, because that was Zeke's first pancake shin dig.

Monday (the 4th) my neighbors that live behind us came over for dessert and what I thought were fireworks, but turned out to be exploding confetti....good for a laugh.  Jim is from the States (Texas, actually).  He told us all about his upbringing, and how he can trace his roots back to the Trail of Tears (he's part Cherokee).  What else?  Oh, also, he and his wife brought some Heath Bar Ice Cream.  Yes, please.

 There's Keane in the neighbor's pool.  Stephan came out just in time.  Keane was driving me crazy.  They had a little water fight and then pretty soon, Keane was in the pool.  The video is of Zeke getting "a leg up". "Come on, buddy!"

So it was a rip roaring weekend, to say the least. Today, Lord willing, we get our new mini-van.   I scratched the Saab this morning pulling out of a parking place, awesome, we'll see how John likes that.   I'm pretty sure he won't.

Temple Restored.  Once again, you can buy "Wait on Him" on iTunes, or the German iTunes, here.  All proceeds go to the next project, which right now, is Temple Restored.  My friend Gernot (pianist) asked me on Saturday what my purpose was. Which, though I probably looked like a "deer in headlights", was a relief when I came to.  At least I know that I don't have to remind him that it's about the Lord and committing to orphans in need, in India. It's a commitment to put our "talents" into God's hands, which might mean not being used on this project the way we think we should be used, and offer ourselves to further His kingdom, either by building up the church, which would be the music side of it, or supporting orphans in India, the money side.  Pray with us.

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