21 June 2011

To Whom it may Concern,

My name is Sara Varghese.  You don't know me, maybe. For that matter, I might not know you.  I'm writing in regards to a project I am working on, wondering if you would like to help by sponsoring it, or contributing to it.

The project started as a Children's Book, and then I put it on the shelf for awhile, and now I'm wondering if the wait was because God wants "me" to make a CD/Book.  I know that this all sounds very fishy, but I have seen God open doors that were, before, shut, so all I can do is walk forward.  Here is the link to the document, unedited. I have started to come up with some tunes for some of the verses.  If you would like to hear songs from the first CD I recorded, let me know, though I would put this in another genre completely.

The over all vision is to put together a book that builds children up with the concrete, Biblical attributes of God. The One worthy of knowing, and relying upon. This, to my mind, is foundational. Ultimately, we (my husband and I) would like most of the proceeds to go to "Love Home" in India.  Our friend Mohan and his wife are hoping to start a home for special needs children and a camp.  You might not know that 40% of the world's poor live in India, lots of children do not make it to age 5 (stats from David Platt's book, Radical), unwanted children are often buried alive, and we have heard of a market that actually sells babies.  You can probably imagine special needs children are not a high priority in a climate like that. All of that to say, our heart is for India. We hope this project can serve a two-fold purpose; build up children, and help "Love Home".

I have excellent artists in mind for the book from my home church, a guitarist, extra vocalists, myself, and a recording studio that has shown it's support here in Germany, though they are not faith based, but I'm afraid that is it. Just the CD project will cost around 7,000 Euro.  I know nothing about publishing books, so I don't have a quote for that.  Maybe you have advise?  Help doesn't have to come in finance form.  We could also use some writers for an idea I have of a short dialogue between a "Youth Pastor" figure and kids (boy/girl) defining the attributes of God on a kid level in between the songs and verses. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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