04 June 2011


John let me go to a worship seminar....I say "let" because what else is it when your other half relents and agrees to watch the tornado with legs for almost a full day?  So, anyway, I wasn't completely free with my 6 mo. old, but what I did glean between feedings and crankies from the Paul Baroche and band worship seminar was great.  I haven't been to a seminar or conference in eons.  This was a direct answer to prayer. Here's how...

My worship leading is limited.  My background is hymnals or bust, and absolutely steer clear of an essence of a beat, and yes, I've been told that NO emotion in worship is called for.  REally?

I helped with camp worship once, and I once led music for a PWOC group.  That was the first time I had ever done anything like that.  Not even sure how I swung that job. That job quickly ended when Keane invaded the house and my favorite bible study leader moved (that's another story that I'm sure is a toe stomper, so I'll leave it there).  Later, I was part of a church worship team, but it seems I don't like to do things conventionally, and I sing really low. Furthermore, I was lost when it came to pulling instruments together and using my resources.  I lean more toward dividing than unifying, by habit, remember my background?

Anyway, I am the least likely candidate to lead worship, but recently I was asked AGAIN to do it for a small bible study.  Despite my feelings that perhaps there is a deafening virus going around I'm encouraged by others quite often, so, I thought maybe I should be better equipped.  I looked for conventions in the States but the obstacles were too many.  Money was only ONE issue.   This conference, long story, longer, was such a blessing.  A good price, and good amount of time (maintaining John's sanity is key), a wealth of knowledge from guys that know what they are doing.  AMEN!

The first day John and I took the kids to a large zoo/gardens place.  BeaUTIFUL!  John took Keane to the park today (earlier today).  We're home now.

 sitting???!!!  I wasn't there to see this.

 Funny short story.  Keane saw another kid posing for a pic, pulled me aside and in his baby jargon told me I needed to take a picture of him.  It was cute.  That had never happened before, as vain as he is.
Real pink flamingos, but the funny thing, they look plastic......???

This pic gives me an idea.....

Beautiful gardens.

Keane I made elephant noises to the elephants, plugging our noses and extending our arms....in front of a lot of people that we will hopefully never see again.

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