12 June 2011

Stops and Starts

...this is about choices. Start verses, wait.  Go ahead, er... "go ahead and STOP."  (Sounds like something I would say to my 3 year old.)

I talked to the studio manager's wife the other day.  She is very friendly and talks to me rather well in English.  I went by to pick up the first CD I recorded.  I let them borrow it.  It's the last copy that I have. Will it be the last? 

Improve it, verses, leave it alone.  One thing at a time, verses, "Yes, WE CAN!" 

She was talking about prices and how they are willing to meet me pretty much anywhere, just so that I'll start.  She was looking at the door and mentioned something about getting a label....

Finish the dream, verses, give up.  Leap of faith or fall on my face.

I look at this opportunity verses my ability and I'm already sunk. No money, no band, very little theory under my belt, limited guitar skills, just lyrics, tunes and a desire to share. Oh, and no babysitter. Keane is not going to go for the "now be quiet, Mama is going to sing...",  "What? Without me? Not a chance."

Two projects. ABCs of God (for children) and Temple Restored

Can't be done without some of your contributions musically, financially or by prayer.

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