23 June 2011

The Ones Who Haven't Yet

Will I let myself go for this cause
I better hope I do.
It's plain as day
Slavery is different from Free
But the Lord is the Maker of me and you.

There'll be no accolades for failing
A raging sea won't dance to mere mortal song
Deaf ears who refuse to hear the cries for help,
Soon won't hear anything at all.

Please, God please
Deliver us
Show us reprieve
Free us from wandering minds and empty hands
Please, God please
Come near to us
Change us
Help the ones who have give to the ones, who haven't yet.

Sovereignty, the stop sign, the lame excuse
My crimson blood gets colder
A warning sign my life is build on busy emptiness
Does anyone one else see something we missed?

Something has got to give
This forcing of our hand to build castles of sand
We speak "be ye filled," but our words are failing...

Please pray for us as we are making life changing decisions...

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Excellent girlie...love it