11 April 2011

Spring...keep it springing.

Well, the scaffolding finally came down.  Whew!  The rest of the doors were put in today.  Little does Keane know, but he has a little cleaning to do in the bathroom that has not been usable.  He likes soapy water anyway.  The weather has been awesome.  It's still awesome today, but unfortunately my house looks like I've M.I.A for awhile.  It's house cleaning day, not play day.

Friday, I took the boys to the covered bridge in Ketsch.  Great place.  Saturday we had more fun with a lot of people that need the Lord, on the Nekkar Visa.  A place where couples come and display their love for the world to see on their towels.  Keane just stood there and starred at one couple.  Of course, they wouldn't take a hint, I just said, "stop starring Keane, movin' along." Do I worry about corrupting my son?  Well, he came out of the womb a dirty rotten sinner in need of a Savior, so, no.  I worry about not giving enough glory to my God and sharing all about our wonderful Savior as much as I can....that's what I worry about. Don't think I don't fight the urge to hide Keane away, but what's that going to do?  He will never be "good" enough to approach God.  It's God who starts the work and God who finishes the work...otherwise kids without protective parents would never have hope. On the other hand, we do not mess with sin, or invite it to come along with us.  We left it on the beach.

 Family Easter picture.  Got to the point where we just had to do it.

Hanging out under the covered bridge. 

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