25 April 2011

Easter in Belgium

To say we had a blast this last weekend is a understatement.  It was great.  We just had loads of fun, food, and fellowship, something we have been missing for a long time.  Not the food.  We haven't been missing food, but man!, Lori can cook!

These pics are a little out of order.  I'll just tell you what happened.  Thursday we drove up to Belgium to visit our friends the Santimaws.  John was afraid that there would be traffic, but praise the Lord, there wasn't, either way.  Friday we went to the coast (what a waste of time).  No more about that.  I'm just sorry I dragged Lori and boys up there to get my ocean fix.  On the way back we stopped in Brugge and wished we had more time.  There were carnival rides, a puppeteer, boats we could have gone on :( and tons of chocolate.  Keane is fearless when it comes to carnival rides.  He didn't like being the passenger in the bumper cars too much, though.  I let the pics speak for themselves.

Saturday we chillaxed, or at least I did.  I finally got to see "Tangled". Uhhh, it's ok.  We went shopping and I was able to find something perfect for Zeke and myself.  I didn't even know which shirt John had brought for Sunday (no, I do not pack for him- I don't understand that sort of thing at all), but the Lord worked it out, color wise (ref. pics).

I love Easter (I love every holiday), but the ones that exalt Christ, I'm particularly fond of, because well, I know Him, and you should too. We tried to focus on Christ, even in our Easter egg hunting, because He is worthy to focus on.  So, I hope that you had a great Easter (Resurrection Day). Praise the God that Is, Was, and Will Be. 

 "the tomb is empty!"

 water fight!
 the sink was perfect!

 Best Friends/Enemies  Good times! was amazing to watch them fight over things they weren't paying attention too seconds before.  Boo! Sin nature at it's "best".

 lovin' his motorcycle ride.

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