02 April 2011

Do You Ever Feel....

like you want to freeze a moment?  Hold up a "stop sign" and hope the whole world heeds it?  Today is John's 41st birthday. Right now the poor naked man is buying clothes for himself.  He needs time and space.  I got left with the kids...what's new? At first I wasn't so thrilled to, after a whole week with them, spend my whole Saturday alone with them also, but I would have missed a lot.

It's a beautiful day here in Germany, I've learned to keep those in a jar.  There are only so many of them that go by.  Secondly, I watched my three year old "play" with his neighbor buddy.  I don't know, something about the transition from residing under your skirt to running around the cul-de-sac, or scooting around on a bike, that makes your heart say  "wait!, see my stop sign!" Sentimentality really hit me, when Keane went downstairs to get his baseball hat, the same hat that hasn't made an appearance in eons. He knew where it was?!!!  When did this kid get his wits together? 

I'm sure I have more of those moments coming. Not sure I'm ready, but I don't want to miss them. John, shop 'til you drop pal, leave me with the sun and the kids.


Run of the Mill Church in Pensacola said...

Melts yer heart, don't it. Sara, it goes by SO fast even faster when you have two or three or four or five or six. I'd love a sixth, I miss my little babies so much. Enjoy this lovely journey of watching your son grow into a man. It's amazing.

Jason said...

oh wow, he is so grown up, and such a cute little man. i love the pic of him playing outside.