25 February 2011

The house is moving along....

I think "This is the House Jack Built" is on replay somewhere.  If you hear it, turn it off.  We are closing in on the finish line! The solar panels have exited the building, the siding has been put on the outside, causing our heaters a sigh of relief. We still have doors to install and the electrician needs to make an appearance.  One bathroom is invalid due to the lack of a door and proper lighting, which will make my visitors next month and us step up our relationship to a bit more intimate level, but I am at least hopeful that all the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle will be in place by Christmas.  Woah, I am NOT, repeat, NOT talking about the great outdoors.  Our yard is a different story altogether.  I'm considering AstroTurf for the whole sha-bang.  Maybe we can start a soccer league.

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