05 February 2011

As Late

 Jeans outfit from John's brother and sister in-law.

Keane headed to his first birthday party on the block.  We have some really great neighbors. 

I haven't had much to write about.  Oh, a funny story here and there about poop etc., but nothing ground breaking.  I read a good article about how Facebook could sadden us by reading all the great things going on in everybody's life and comparing it to our own "mundane life", snip-its really, not reality.  Well, we're keeping it real here, I hope.  Nada!

I'm finding the grace it takes to make it through one day at a time and be happy about it, content.  I'm being challenged to get to know my son.  If I didn't have a gracious Lord to call on and ask to redeem and restore, I would be hopeless.    The battle is won, I just struggle to apply it. I had forgotten what it meant to pour myself into someone.  I need to pour into them as I would a camper at camp. I just didn't connect the dots and I find myself still trying to escape once in awhile, too much time on the internet, etc. It's crazy but I'm discovering that I have more time to do what it is I want to do, like song writing, when I make it a point to turn off the computer or T.V. (which we have now), even with the boys demanding so much attention.   

We are visiting a local German church.  Independent, believer's baptism, personal responsibility, works-less salvation, all those good things.  They even have the service available to view on the T.V. in the nursery.  We have gotten two invitations for cake and coffee. We are still praying about all this and the Lord's direction for our lives. Pray with us.  I hope to conjure up a way to raise money for Mohan.  Maybe a concert at home that onlookers can view through Skype or something.  Any musicians in the Heidelberg area who are interested in participating should contact me.  No matter what your level of expertise, we'll find a place for you.  Nothing is concrete right now, heck, we don't even have some doors in our house yet.

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