21 February 2011

3 months on Wednesday

Ezekiel is a happy baby, ready with a smile for everyone.  He likes to keep his eye on the milk supply, however.  He constantly watches me.  He is definitely a Mama's boy.  My cuddler.  He is sleeping, on average now, 6 hours a night.  Yeah!

As far as Keane's response to him, it was rough at first, but he has warmed up to him a bit.  The other day he actually held Zeke's hand and "tickled" him.  It was precious to see them smile at each other. Sorry about the short posts, but life is busy. 


Kara said...

I knew Keane would warm up to his baby brother!
And yay for a sweet happy baby. :) Makes life soooo much easier.

the johnson crew said...

i cannot believe he is so old already. oh my goodness. how fun to have a mamma's boy. he looks so good. you have beautiful boys!

miss you. hope i can meet your babies someday.