08 January 2011

Making a House a Home

 Not so happy.
 Nap time!

 Guest Room/ Zeke's Room

 Our Room
 All of my shoes fit!
 John's Office

 the couch is going soon...I promise, the wall matches the pillows on the chair. 

 yeah!  no more Barbie fridge.
Keane washing his toys.  This is a regular thing, actually.


the johnson crew said...

your house looks so pretty. i love your front door and stairway. and the colors are so pretty.

Dan and Selena said...

Thanks for these pics! Everything looks so nice. I also really enjoyed the videos you posted on Facebook. It was so nice to hear your voice! Glad you are settling in!

Mrs.Mike.P said...

Thanks for the photos and the videos on fb. I also enjoyed hearing your voice in the videos...made me lonely for you! A word of caution. Remember how we had wood counters next to our kitchen sink in FR? They do get water damaged, so you must be diligent to wipe them dry and not ever leave an iron pan or tin can on them. I could never get those ring marks off. I found oiling the counters helped protect them. Hugs!