16 January 2011

Keane turns Three

...and that rhymes. These are not in order, for the record.  Here is Zeke chillin' at the party.

And coolest name of the day goes to Finn. 

Jump Jump! Thank you Kris Kross.

Good times had with the ladies.  The one on the right is a new neighbor, Muru- very cool (Finn's mom).  The one of the left is Jutta my neighbor at the old place.  Our kids have birthdays really close together.  

Keane checking out the goods.  "Happy Kids" gave us gummy alligators, and Keane kept lifting them off of other plates until he went over to another birthday table and his mom had to end the practice. 

His new Lego set.  I'll just say that I was very happy to find something on sale.  Full price around here will kill you. 

Morning kisses

 Hey baby cakes!

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