13 November 2010

What is going on with that house?

You must think we're building a mansion or something.  Nothing of the sort.  If I have my choice, I'll never do this again. EVER.  I'm not one of those people that sits around and dreams of the perfect house.  Oh, I have visions of indoor pools and such, but I'll wait for the extravagant until heaven. Why waste my time down here?  It's all gonna burn.  Now you know my take.

Yesterday we finalized on the rest of the flooring.  These sorts of things take minutes for me to decide.  I am the dead opposite of John when it comes to shopping. I inherited the fly in, fly out method from my mom.  I'm glad that I have a thorough husband, however, who looks at things from every angle.  He has caught quite a few things I've "decided" upon in my haste, that would have turned out to be a disaster in fruition.  I don't know how many times we changed the kitchen. (The lady who helped us deserves a plate of Christmas cookies, at the very least, and probably a mention in our wills.)  However, if it weren't for me, we might still be in the flooring store, and it's the next morning....  See how God works marriages out?

For someone like me, it's really hard to watch John fully absorbed with all of this "house stuff."  I tend to get "holier than thou" and entertain thoughts that my husband is worldly minded.  I've been proven wrong so many times, as I hear my husband reflect on the prayers that God has answered and the things that He has taught him through all of this.  I've seen things that could have developed into huge problems, thwarted because John was listening to the Holy Spirit. Actually, too many to name....if that tells you anything.  He truly has been a good steward, showing patience and thoroughness to get the job done right at the lowest cost possible.  That is his gift.  I better start thanking the Lord for it.  When I get my head out of the sand occasionally, I do.

So, here we are.  I think I see the end in sight....or is that just a mirage?  Regardless, we have to be out of our apartment at the end of this month.  Our moving dates are the 27th and 28th, if you're interested in coming and helping. My mom comes today and baby Zeke will arrive at some point.  He can't stay in there forever. We might have to stay in an apartment that, of course, John has already lined up, just in case.  He takes care of us ungratefuls really well.  More pics of the house and tiling coming up.   

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Amanda said...

I don't know why your baby ticker at 8 days doesn't show a baby with its heels near its ears. : )