27 October 2010

Carving our Pun-kin

I watched a Disney Halloween show with Keane on You-Tube (yea, yea, thanks pirates).  Anyways, Keane was scarred by the jack-o-lantern (he gets that from his mom). So, I decided that maybe triangles and a toothy grin wasn't the way to go this year.  Mickey Mouse!  That's a face that he trusts.  Hey, if I could have carved his dad's mug on the pumpkin I would of.  Not talented enough, though no hair would have been necessary.

all marked up

Keane refusing to pose

marking his own pumpkin- if it involved a marker, he was all over it

Mickey with a hat...

notice that he'll barely sit next to it, poor guy.  Hey, this whole illuminated squash thing is pretty new!

1 comment:

the johnson crew said...

wow, i am impressed. very cool.