28 September 2010


What a lovely town!  Known for it's baths and how it has entertained the upper class of bygone days.  Keane and I enjoyed walking the promenade.  Sorry I don't have any pics!  Except this one.

Ok, so this isn't a picture of Baden Baden, but cute nonetheless, if I do say so myself.

I had another episode with the parking lot "kasse" where you pay for your parking pass.  I had to find a bank again and mine was nowhere in sight.  By the time that was done it was time for this little tiger, and his mama, to eat.

"Lo' a McDonald's !" much like sighting an angel around here.  It's the sort of place that is socially acceptable to take a 2 year old such as mine.  Keane entertained the whole packed line of Germans with his balloon that he received from a bank teller (he charms everybody).  Up went the balloon, kick, kick, kick, break for a hand shake, back to the balloon.

One thing that he took up while we were there was grabbing random hands of men, literally walking down the lane minding their own business.  I watched to see how these men would react.  How would you react if a little boy grabbed your hand and trotted down the street with you?  I laughed in my language handicapped way, with a shrug of the shoulders to indicate this was new for me when they gave me the inquisitive look. Not sure that I like it so much, as far as safety is concerned, but I was there the whole time, and it gives me another reason to keep my eye on this little guy, and the men, well, I think it brightened their day.

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