06 September 2010

10 Weeks Out

We found out recently that our house is about 10 weeks from being done.  They are going to lay down the final layer of cement, which has to dry for 4 weeks before the kitchen and toilets and tiles can be put in. All this, Lord willing of course. (That statement means more when I reflect that the Lord is sovereign even over "unbelievers").  We have seen God do so much during this building process.

Let me give praise!

1) Money- without it, we would not be building. "He owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills."  We are grateful to my parents who helped out a lot.

2) Kind people to work with.  John has been around the building project non-stop, and we heard that this can get on the nerves of those that are involved, but they have been informational and kind to John, answering all of his questions, and he has a lot of questions.  He has not ever done this before.

3) No major issues and the "things" that would have been major issues, God has brought to John's mind to rectify before it was too late.

4) God has led John every step of the way, in John's words.  He has led him through every situation and interaction.  We heard that the stress level during the building process would be high, but other being really tired, John's sentiments are that God has carried him through.

We are not done.  Please pray for us, but we are so grateful for what we have seen God do so far and are excited to see Him work out the rest. 


Mrs.Mike.P said...

It sounds like baby and the new house will be arriving at the same time! Don't let it become a stress. Just relax and enjoy the process, giving glory to God for all of it. That doesn't mean you slack on vigilance to make sure the building is well built, but just enjoy it and don't let it get on your nerves. We have watched so many folks stress out over contractors not building their houses the way they wanted them built, and it is amazing how they let it damage their relationships! Trusting the Lord with all your heart makes a huge difference!

the johnson crew said...

very exciting sara. i can't wait to see more.

love you, janelle