08 August 2010

Serving this Weekend

If there is one thing I want Keane to experience while growing up, it is witnessing his parents doing what they say.  Living out their faith.  Though I believe we can out serve our faith (run ahead of God), I think it's impossible to say we love God and not seek to reach others with His grace. Of course it's not fleshed out the same way for everyone. The balance is hard.

This weekend we had a Teen Leadership Workshop.  I was inspired by my days at Ironwood Christian Camp in CA, and used some of their ideas for discipleship.  This is a place that challenged me a lot in spiritual growth, though they probably didn't see much fruit while I was there.  I was too busy having fun.  The seed was planted, though.  The seed was planted.

Anyway, we had some fun times.

No words for this. Definitely did a double take.  This is so unGerman. I even made sure he was, in fact, speaking German to make sure.


Kelly Glupker said...

I did a double take too! :)

Nellie Dee said...


Amanda Irene said...

I actually wore a butt once as part of a halloween costume (a hospital gown). it was funny...I was young... : )