25 August 2010

Big Boy Bed and Cleaning Out

John inspired me this weekend by cleaning out his tool shelf, to do the same with  my fabric and craft supplies.  What a bunch of......  From where does this stuff come from?

"Hey!  Mom's got the camera!  This must be an exciting event!"
Such a ham.

Just one round of "I really mean, stay in your bed and take a nap" implementation, and he got it figured out.

Something random for the folks back home. Don't tell John I let Keane play with his shoes. ;0)

Getting to work this morning changing around his bed.  If I had known the "water guys" were coming, I would have been taking a shower instead.  

Mostly finished, we just need to pick up a toy shelf from IKEA.


Kelly @ Daffodil Boutique said...

Perfect bed for a boy!

the johnson crew said...

i have been shopping on craigslist for beds too, b/c amos and malachi have got to get out of their pack and plays. - Amos wakes up most mornings in somebody elses bed anyways. (Such a stinker)

keane is so cute. i just want to squeeze him.

love you.