26 July 2010

One Big Fat Weekend


On Friday night we went to the SAP family party.  Back in the day I was all about these social events, crowded scenes, carnival food, but I've gotten old.  That's all I can say about that. There seems to be no other reason for my new found repulsion.  What a fiasco!  Keane still hasn't learned the concept of lines, or trusting Daddy and Mama to show him better sites.  What were we thinking?  However, John said very wisely, "this is how he learns."

Saturday turned out much better. With Mexican food involved (good Mexican food) anything turns into a grand ol' time, plus Jim and Franziska are the bomb-diggity.

We drove almost three hours one way to get there.  Was it worth it?  Oh yes it was.  It was like pulling teeth to actually pay for it though, but we came to support not steal.  Plus, we would have felt really guilty had we not paid anything for all the food we ordered.  We were stuffed to the gills, folks.

I mean fat!


Sundance said...

Looks like you had fun and fellowship! Wish we could have made it.
Teresa S.

the johnson crew said...

my mouth is watering.

sounds like a fun time. i don't like being in busy crowded places anymore either.

i dno't why you aren't able to sign my blog. weird. i don't think it has worked for a long time. what happens when you try? i don't have any blocks up or anything.