17 June 2010

"oh oh Sweet Child of Mine"

Just for the record, iPhoto is driving me crazy.

Now that that is off my chest. Oh, now it's blogger! "Internal Error"? What's that suppose to mean? Your "internal error" or mine? I have lots of them, you're going to have to narrow it down a bit.

Let's hope the adorable pic is uploaded within the not too distant future, or this post is a bust.

Ahh, there we go. There's the little guy (not so little) and his "puff puff" wrapped in his "woe".

I just wanted to answer the question, for those of you asking it, "What has Keane been up to?"

He gets up, usually has to stay and "read" his "storees" in bed. He always says "storees" like it's a question. He protests a bit.

Then he runs to his daddy at 8:00 prompt, the light of his life (not offended, for the record), and Daddy reads a Bible story to him. Sometimes quite a fight, actually.

Next, it's breakfast. The boy can say "eat!" without a problem. We read the Proverb for the day and pick out a verse to memorize, then we pray ("pay").

He gets dressed after breakfast and then watches his Alphabet video (this is a distraction to Daddy getting ready for work and leaving, and it has also helped him immensely with his letters). He then watches something about the Lord, Veggie Tales, AiG, Song Video, etc. Mommy takes a shower and cleans up breakfast.

He is saying quite a few words, but what is the cutest is his adding an "a" sound to the words that end in "n". Down-a, Phone-a, mine-a....too cute. I wanted to record that somewhere, and now you're blessed.

I don't know why I got into all of that. I've been trying to fill his day with things that are meaningful and consistent. This is huge, because I don't even fill my own day with things that are meaningful and routine. There is a balance, because routine can easily become not so meaningful...

As a side note. I've decided to write a list of daily goals for myself, at least in my head. Maybe I can impart some sort of goal reaching discipline into my child's life someday. I've also decided to get more involved with things outside of the house. Truly, it's not natural for me to want to go out and mingle in a culture I'm not accustomed to, but one day at a time.

House work was done, so yesterday we went swimming. Keane had a blast. That little man is a fish, but he doesn't have his fins yet. I dunked him (holding him, of course), just to remind him that he was not invincible. I think he got the idea. I'm going to keep trying to teach him how to swim. Like with all new things and this kid, it takes patience and time. He had a little friend he played with. They had the kiddie pool all to themselves. Keane shared his cookies with Ethan (that was his name), hugged him and tried to sit on him (Mama had to intervene there to avoid drowning Ethan). Kids are never, ever, completely safe in water. Always watch. I don't care how many floaties they have wrapped around their arms. That's a little soap box I don't mind stepping on.

There, just when you thought all Keane did was watch T.V., no, not really, but I'm not so against it as I think others are. As I become more disciplined, I find that things line up with him, as well.

I'm starting to see Keane's personality and last week I had a huge break through with my philosophy of parenting. It seemed I was becoming Keane's enemy, a feeling I did not want to foster. I found myself with the realization that I am giving Keane a perspective of God. Did I want him to think of God as angry all the time, impatient, and ready to bring "down the hammer," or did I want him to see a God who also sacrificed, loves and is longsuffering? The answer is a little of both. Two sides of the coin. If I lean to the Justice side, Keane will most likely become bitter, two-faced (conform), and angry. If I lean to the other side, Keane will learn to take advantage, be selfish, and think of God as Santa Claus.

One day I could sense that I was frustrating Keane. I sat him on my lap and I let him hit me. Yep, that's right. One whack at a time. He kind of looked at me like, "you're not going to do anything?" "What is this?" He never really got that angry, just perplexed. I think it was healing for both of us. I needed the perspective change, of Christ's sacrifice for us and Keane needed to see that I was not against him. I'm for him. With all of my heart. Now, I don't let him hit me anymore, but what I do do is wait for his heart to emerge passed his actions. That is what we all have to deal with....our hearts.

I guess that's all for now, whew!. Today is a Dr.'s a appt. for the other one. I'm always nervous, but today I'm excited too. Hopefully we'll find out "he" or "she".

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