07 June 2010

June Stay-Vacation


Open Air Museum Brute of a Bull- Keane did his part by feeding him his pretzel. Gotta keep up that massive figure.

A little low of a ceiling for our liking.
Spinning some thread in period garb.

Enjoying his first Ice Cream Sunday (Eisbecher). Yes, he's had ice cream before, but not Pinnocchio shaped.
Porta Negra
First Christian Church in Germany
Keane did his best to shake every gentleman's hand he saw. Some didn't know what he was doing, some didn't hear him, but it warms our heart to see the wide grins from grateful responses to him. Hope Keane is always friendly.

We had an exciting little weekend. We decided to do a little Stay-Vacation. It wasn't really like the ones I've heard of where the laundry and the house are cleaned and done, money is saved for eating out (though we did eat out a bit), and the house is transformed into a hotel. This was the Ghese version, in other words, "let's go somewhere and chase the sun, and forget about responsibilities for a few days."

I was so sick of the clouds and the rain and being cooped up in the box (i.e. apartment) that if we had gone ANYWHERE it would have been fine as long as there was sunny weather.
We decided to go to Trier when John had a holiday on Thursday (the pics are not in order). It was nice to visit the oldest city in Germany. On Friday John worked a 1/2 day and then the Huitinks came over for a little afternoon refreshment. It was so good to see them, it was as if we saw them last week. no pics :(

On Saturday John went for a bike ride and I took Keane to the Aquadrom (huge pool center). Keane had a blast! It was nice to let myself be dragged around and blow bubbles with him. John is usually the one that lets Keane take him where ever Keane wants to go. I usually have the agenda. I dropped the agenda off at the door (except when it was time to leave). It was good Mommy and Keane time, though I got a little fried. I put a little sun block on Keane for "good Mommy" sake, but he has his dad's skin. Yesterday I mentioned to John how much it hurt carrying around a heavy bag on a sunburn (in context somewhere). I said, "Can you imagine?" Imagination is all he could use 'cause he has no reference point. Duh, the dude has never been sunburned, lucky. He said, "Oh, I thought skin just got red." Nice.

Yesterday we went to an Open Air Museum in the Black Forest. It was a lot of fun. Keane loved the animals. It wasn't the kind of place that overwhelmed him. We could take our time, not wait in amusement park lines, and take in the scenes. Much better turn out than that Tripsdrill fiasco. After that we went to Triberg (the area is known for Coo Coo Clocks). I didn't get to see a Coo Coo Clock store, but we did see a waterfall (the largest in Germany, the pics should tell you something about the skiing options around here). We ended our vacation with Black Forest Cherry Torte. Famous in the area. I will say I was mostly impressed with the local radio station and the songs they were playing in the restaurant....didn't want to leave.

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Suey said...

I will say you did miss quite the creations if you didn't actually go inside a coocoo clock store while you were in Triberg. I'm sure you walked right past 3 of them to get to the waterfall... did you try any authentic Black Forest cake? (GROSS!!!) Trier is my absolutely favorite city in Germany... fantastic! And there is an eis shoppe on the stretch before the black gate that makes FRESH waffle cones while you watch them and fills it with the freshest eis you've EVER eaten-- FANTASTIC! I ask Dustan if we can go to Trier just for the eis! : ) We'll definately gonna hit that place up when we make it back to Europe! Did you guys check out the gladiator ring? It's kind of eerie... but very neat place to walk thru where many people met their torturous deaths. Makes you think about how much the world has changed...