14 May 2010

Uncle Ben

This was right before he ripped the book in two. 200% BOY

When Keane was little and new people were around it seemed like he barely noticed. Which is understandable, but it's exciting to watch him react to other people as he gets older.

Admittedly, I am not the most laid back person in the world, maybe in some respects (I know I have friends that would disagree with me), but I think there is a difference between assuming something is out of your hands and not doing anything about it and truly being laid back. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, so I have a unique "shut off" switch that appears to people to be complacency or "laid backness (not a word)", but in actuality, when it comes to Keane and keeping sanity in my house. I'm not laid back at all. Let me emphasize, NOT AT ALL. I hate the feeling of being manipulated or pulled in an obscure direction, mainly these days, by my son. This might account for the very few relationships I had before meeting John at 28 years old and none of them were very serious, at least outwardly (I was not rock hard, I discovered). I don't have a lot of close friends either. I seem to run into the high maintenance, guilt trippers. Not my thing. All that to say, "I hate getting snowed!" Period. So, when Keane pulls out the tears and the throwing himself on the ground, he gets little response, except a "Pull yourself together son, get up." I AIN'T buying what yer sellin'.

Though I have learned to choose my battles and readdress issues that need to be readdressed with Keane after I've calmed, I'm sure glad he is a hearty boy, and not a girl that I could easily hurt the feelings of. I actually prayed for a boy for this reason to start off my parenting phase. I knew I was going to make lots of mistakes and overdo quite a few things, before they came out in the wash. If you find yourself in my position of imperfection, remember that "love covers a multitude of sins," on both sides. Genuine love for my son, and the expression of it, has kept both of us sane. My son knows I'm not perfect, even at two, but he also knows his mama loves him, A LOT. Nothing he could do, could change that and I NEVER threaten to take my acceptance or love away for bad behavior, that is not an appropriate discipline tool.

Wow! how did I get on that subject. Anywhoo. My brother is here and Keane could hardly contain himself when he first arrived. We had to switch Keane's crib to another room and he took it just fine. Daddy has 4 days off, and the fun is unending! Here are a few pics to share.

Yeah, Uncle Ben!

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