04 May 2010

Nourishing Traditions

I was introduced to a healthier style of eating by my Aunt Sandy, who I have met twice in my life. Quite an impact huh? Didn't take long, I guess, for us to get along. She lives in Georgia, quite a hop, skip, and jump from CA. Anyway, I respect just about anything she says and I consider her a very godly woman. All that to say, in the course I getting reacquainted with that side of the family, I discovered that my cousin, her daughter, does A LOT with food and is committed to spreading the news about an alternative way of looking at food and promoting a healthier lifestyle. We have to remember, or at least I do, that this isn't about me as much as it is about my family and their future. I consider myself responsible to promote health, with a God's glory perspective.

This book was recommended by my cousin, so I ordered it. I'm loving it. I'm discovering, though that this healthy lifestyle endeavor is not an overnight thing. It takes work! It also takes determination. Already I've failed (one recipe was a disaster left in my inexperienced hands), and one day I was so overwhelmed by all of the newness that when it came to simply preparing something for supper I was drawing a complete blank. I had to write John and say, "Uh, there's nothing for dinner." That's not good news to a hard working man. I did figure out something to make, but I had to get passed the limits I had set on myself and just try again the next day.

Today there is stew in the crock pot, sprouted buckwheat in the oven (for Thursday) and hope for a brighter future. Why do I think this is important? Though, I don't think it's important to espouse to everything that comes down the pike, I do think it's important to take a hard look at the foods we eat and determine if they are adding health or depleting it. If I have two options to give my child for a snack am I going to choose a handle full of chips 'ahoy cookies, or a cup of raisins and peanuts? is the first one always wrong? nope, but should it be my pattern? Do I want my son to make good choices later on with food?

I think we've gotten too focused on the now (what's quick, what's convenient, what's going to get my child to leave me alone) that we are forgetting about the future. Our choices today, affect the future. Have to heard about the petition being signed to promote slower food in schools? I've tried a couple times to sign, but it hasn't worked. Here's the link, check it out.

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