28 May 2010

Kids, as in Plural

....wow! God is amazing. Here is a letter I wrote to our new little one who is baking right now in the Mama oven.

Dear Keane and new Baby, (I think) 3/15/10

Keane you are just over 2 years old. You are big, athletic, loud and big hearted. You have figured out how to pull a few strings. Just now we had a battle as to whether or not you should eat your green beans.

I took a pregnancy test today.
The story is similar to Keane's. I thought that the test was negative so I threw it away. I was pretty upset and was battling with the Lord. Finally I came to the understanding that I just wanted to please the Lord in our lives, Glorify Him, whether it meant having another child or not. I decided to take one last look at the tester. I don't know if that was the Lord prompting me or what, but I reached into the garbage to look one more time. There was a faint line! I immediately called Daddy. Since we've been trying for awhile, I just couldn't wait. Even though our anniversary is the day after tomorrow and it would have been a nice surprise.

Praise the Lord, I've been struggling with the direction God is leading our family. There is so much I aspire to do. Keane, I want to apologize for the kind of mother that I've been, distracted and impatient. O, Lord I pray for help to be the kind of mother You would have me be to all my children.


Now we are safely passed the 12 week mark, though nothing is certain. Looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family. I have a labor motivation picture below, that I have wrapped around my traveling mug.


the johnson crew said...

excited about your new baby too!

love you.

Kara said...

How sweet. My second born was by far the quickest labor and delivery of them all. May your second born come the same way!

Marshan said...

Congrats!!! How exciting!