26 April 2010

Update Post

These are lame, especially if I'm going to print this someday. I'll look at this post and say "Why did I post that?.....whatever."

I feel I owe an explanation for the hiatus from Praying for Kids. I've been sick. I had the nastiest cold thing ever. No coughing, no sore throat really, just this filthy gunky thick mucous stuck in my sinuses and the back of my throat. DISGUSTING. Sorry if you have the urge to hurl now. It was gross. What did I do? Well, I found out that citrus (lemon) would just aggravate it, but I found that drinking milk helped a lot. After about 2 weeks it was gone. I didn't start drinking milk until the end, so it might have been shorter.

I'm telling you I had a roll of toilet paper in every room, but that stuff didn't flow. I had to hack it out. All that to say, if this bug visits you, "GOT MILK?"

So what have we been up to?

We are enjoying the warmer weather. The plan is to potty train Keane this summer. We'll see. Saturday he was running around on our terrace, and he always like to do this in the buff, so I dragged out the potty, but nothing happened. I'll just keep being an opportunist for now. I'll get more determined toward the end of the summer.

What else? The house is moving along slowly. The hole is dug, there is gravel on the ground, the port-o-potty is in place, now we're just waiting for some action.

My brother is in Europe right now on a business trip. We'll probably see him in a couple of weeks. John picked up a suitcase from him on Sat. which was filled with goodies for our family; DVDs, cookbooks (yeah), maternity clothes, a new blanket for Keane, and a Wii for John's birthday!!!!! However, we might have to send it back. We found out it will probably explode if we try to convert it. :( Major bummer.

We are also finishing up spring cleaning. Haven't I been doing that for awhile? The answer is, "yes." It's been sort of tricky with other stuff getting in the way, so it has been a slow process. Plus, you don't want to demand your husband clean up his junk after he has been working all week and overseeing house building, so all in due time. We are getting there. Still lots to do.

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Suey said...

Was that just a sly way of announcing that you're pregnant???? What else would the maternity clothes be for!?!