05 April 2010

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday John

On Friday I pulled off the biggest heist since my mom's 40th birthday party. I straight up had to lie to keep it on the DL, not something I'm proud of. It's not cool being a liar. I've put off my evil ways. Anyway, John was very surprised and we had a great time with friends. Thanks all for coming and making it a special day for him.

Keane came out of bed Easter morning a little sleepy. We had to wake him up to get to church on time, but when he saw his new tricycle, his eyes got really big. Daddy was holding him and he wanted down right away. He walked over to it and said, "Up?"

It's a comfort to know the King is on the throne. In these uncertain times I find myself easily getting discouraged. I was really upset yesterday after I heard an awful story about a proposition put before my friend's eight year by two girls his age. These are not cool times we live in. Praise the Lord that this little boy had the gumption to say "No, I love God and I can't do that!"
In the middle of all my anger and anxiety for the bleak future of my own son, God ministered to my heart. The same Jesus who rose from the grave (yep, you won't find a "Jesus of Nazareth Buried Here" sign anywhere) is the same Jesus who sits on the throne, and none of these awful things are taking Him by surprise. They are just accelerating His return, something I'm ready for! Are you?

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the johnson crew said...

that was a sweet cake sara.

nice bike,

and wow, that was really sad about those kids. Praise God he stood up to them!

miss you sister!