18 March 2010

St. Patty's and Our 4th Anniversary

I know you veterans might be rolling your eyes, but I can't believe it's been 4 years. So much has happened.
1)Moving to Germany
2) Major Cyst Operation
3) Trip to India
4)Finding the right church (ups and downs)
5) Keane's birth/Grandfather's death
6) Meeting Amachy and Upacha
7) Meeting Aunt Sandy and Grandpa Jack
8) Planning for a new house

Not to mention all the "in betweens". We've traveled, had friends who struggled with sickenesses and cancer, friends who have gotten married and added numbers to their families. We've reconnected with old friends and all the while John and I have been able to experience it together, no longer our own person. This is the glue that fastens. It's not a ring or a piece of paper. It's a promise, yes, but it's also this bond that builds layer by layer, not easily, but callously thrown off. God is so good to remind us through these ties of our commitment and show us our future. You can only have a future if you have a present. The things we are building right now for God's kingdom will last for eternity, but I think we also need to be reminded that the struggles, if we stay with it, will bring earthly fruit too. There will be something to show for the struggle. I hope to celebrate many more. Thanks John for 4 wonderful years.

Hannah in her tye dye green.

Happy St. Patty's

We had the traditional Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner last night at our house group. Lots of fun. Theresa surprised us with green Rice Crispie treats and green plates and napkins. If you ever want to try to soak your beef in your own Corn Beef Brine, this recipe was good, even if I DID use the wrong cut of beef. I really was surprised with how well it turned out. I used a crock pot and set it on low the whole day (starting at 8:00) adding the veggies at about 2:00. I had to use an extra pot for all the veggies and that turned out well, too.


Kara said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a beautiful wedding photo!

the johnson crew said...

happy anniversary... young newlyweds... ha ha... (we are celebrating 5 years this may)

looks like a fun st. patty's party.

love you!

Suey said...

What a nice post. Congrats on 4 yrs... it is a blessing! So many people don't stick it out that long. You guys are a blessing to so many people! Hugs to you all from PA! : )