08 March 2010

An Exciting Saturday

First it snowed. Nobody sent me that memo. I was already planning to pull out my summer clothes and break out the Ice Tea umbrellas. I also cleaned off the terrace a prepped for more plants....ok, I'm pretty bitter. ;)

Second, Keane fell down the stairs! Not cool at all. We don't know how he did it exactly, but after watching him this morning run around the house and kick the beach ball, drop kick it, and kick it into walls, I can see how he might have fallen or tripped. John ran down the stairs after him as Keane was tumbling and stopped him from hitting the bottom. We also had clothes on the stairs (laundry is done in the basement). That is how we roll, anyway, Keane was alert and crying, so that was a good sign. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "I'm going to call the police!" Yeah, we know who keeps his head in a crisis, it's not me, but I did call the Dr. and he made a house call. He was there within 30 minutes. It wasn't until well after the Dr. had left that I finely "came down" from the adrenaline. The Doc told us how to check his eyes, and told us to watch him for the next 24 hours to see if he started throwing up or anything. Keane didn't and we are so grateful. Here is a pic of the goose egg he got a little early, Easter is in a few more weeks.

Third, tried a chocolate, cherry, coconut macaroon that rocked our worlds. They don't have maraschino cherries here (believe me, I'm not complaining), so I used a jar of cherries that weren't very sweet, but they tasted great in the macaroons. No pic of those. Correction they do have Cocktail Kirchen. Thanks Teresa!

Lastly, we bought Keane a potty so that he could investigate the whole idea, though we aren't pressuring him to "do" anything. I put a couple of books by it (his dad has a library by his) and here's what we found.

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