02 March 2010

da Bean

Keane Bean is up to his usual. Today it.... wait! (had to check the muffins) is baking day. I'm baking apple muffins (hurtin' in the breakfast department), graham crackers (have to make my own), coconut cream pie (have to bake the crust). Anywho.....Keane protests in his own ways any extra curricular activity that doesn't involve him being the front and center of attention. Whew!

Apple sauce anyone?......he doesn't like the peels? Just who is going to win this battle remains to be seen. I got the word from Daddy last night "Don't peel them, most of the vitamins are in the peels." Oooooo KA! Where's the water and vinegar?

...(first batch of grahams in! - I'm pleased with how they look). This is officially a post on the go!

Anyway this is what I would prefer Keane was up to when I wasn't looking...

...love 'im.

1 comment:

the j. crew said...

what a guy! never a dull moments with little ones.

and HOME MADE GRAHAM CRACKEKRS! sounds deliciosu, but wow, you are ambitious!