18 February 2010

Back from California

...and working on purposes.

It was a really refreshing trip. I was blessed by my church back home. Chips and Christchanna Ross are a fabulous couple, with their heads screwed on straight. Even though they are younger (listen to me, I sound like an old woman), we seem to be at a similar stage in life. Their youngest and my only, are the same age, pretty much, so we talked about discipline and frustrations, and consistency, and and and. When you are with someone that thinks the same way you do about child rearing, it's encouraging. You feel that maybe you can keep going, even though, especially in this day, walls seem to be closing in on Biblical Christianity. Thank you Ross's for encouragement and support.

I seem to find more energy when I'm home (CA). I guess I'm in my element there. I got out of the house almost everyday, except for when I had a Baker's Cyst on the back of my leg (OUCH!). After I hurdled that fiasco, things were on the up and up. My mom and Dad were great. Mom is very capable and full of energy. Dad is gentle, kind, and comes out of his office only with news on various discoveries in law or with technology.

For some reason, I was the only woman in Keane's life while we were there, but he would warm up instantly to men. He called me "Daddy" the whole time. He always shakes the hand of any willing male, but female? Not so much. So needless to say, I was a single mom for 2 and a half weeks. My Grandmother laughed at me (I'm sure you know about that generation), but I managed to feel sorry for myself anyway, and longed to be with John again.

I'm waiting on some pics. I didn't bring my camera with me. It just seemed like one more thing I would forget, but it left me with nothing colorful to post. So Mom and Liz, hurry up! There is a public in waiting. ;)

I belong to too many networking sites. I know you are laughing, but these sites have various purposes. I just need to prioritize, and figure out a solid purpose for each. If it doesn't have a purpose solid enough, ditch it.

Here's a new one. Check it out now, because in a month, it will be gone. Beyond a month, it will cost money to keep it, so, you know, it's gotta go.

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the j. crew said...

welcome home to your husband! i know i always miss jason when i go home with the kids and leave him behind. i am such a big baby.

i am glad you had a good trip home. there is NO PLACE like home, and i always feel energized when i go home.

love you sister.