05 January 2010


John went on-line and found a good place to go near by. I couldn't tell you where exactly we went, but the drive was beautiful and less than an hour.

We could chalk this day up as far as actual sledding goes as a disaster, or we could be more positive and call it a beginner's round. Keane wasn't all about it, but then again, he has never done it before. The snow flying in his face frosted it for him.

Excuse my heavy breathing. I'm obviously out of shape.

They have here what is called "Three Kings Day". These are kids dressed up like the kings mentioned in the Bible. In the States they would probably be sued (I'm mostly joking), but I love to see them walking around.

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Suey said...

First, did you know about the sledding hill behind your house? It's just down the path from the park in the woods up on the hill past the Chinese restaurant.

Second, yes tomorrow is Epiphany and it is considered the second most important Christian holiday,after Pascha (Easter), although it has for the most part been lost in the secularized American culture. Today is the twelfth day of Christmas, and you can find out more about Epiphany here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epiphany_(holiday)

A better/shorter explaination might be found here; http://orthodoxwiki.org/Epiphany

Note that according to some calendars, the Nativity is celebrated at the same time. Very interesting. We are going to church tonight to celebrate the Theophany! (Orthodox count the change of days as the evening first, as the account of Genesis describes the counting of days, so at 6pm it is a new day)