14 January 2010

Keane is Two!

The Birthday Fairy made her rounds last night (that's me) and went to work hanging up balloons and painting windows.

To Keane a balloon is just a ball that makes a loud "POP" when you bite it. So this morning John was trying to get him to sleep in a little and kept saying softly "shhhhh." Keane all the while was saying "ball? BALL ball? ball BALL! ball?" So, that didn't work. The stupid Birthday Fairy hung balloons in his room.

We're gonna have a birthday party on Saturday with a train theme. Looking forward to decorating the cake.

Happy 2nd Birthday Keane!

10 Favorite Things about You

1) you still have chubby cheeks
2) your kisses through the shower door
3) you say "EEEET" when it's time to eat and you're a good eater
4) your NFL stance when you play with daddy
5) how you excitedly greet daddy every time he comes home
6) how you whisper "bye" when we put you down for the night
7) how you are doing great at church services and say "Amen" after prayers and songs
8) you shake almost everyone's hand upon meeting them
9) mommy and Keane bonding times- popcorn and a movie ( you sit all the way through them!)
10) your laugh and your "luv ooos"

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