18 January 2010

He Holds the World

broken by a fall
more devastating than
a piece of fruit
a door opened to
a downward spiral
chasing evil, knowing good

the created flaunted
its Rights
and the rain came to
end the strife
the waters subsided
the beasts revived
man returned to God
had nothing to hide

Soon we upheld our will again
loving death more than life
But a plan was enacted
A way made to escape,
the Christ.
He died in our place
All who believe, reborn
Taken from the fallen
our hope restored.

Considering the downward spiral
the created
on destruction's path.
Evil seems predominate
but because if His grace
this can not last.
Yes, the end is coming
God will no longer strive with man.
Blaming God is not the answer
Run to Him instead.