06 January 2010

"Afraid to Fly"

I leave for CA later this month (the 24th). I hate flying. When I am dreading something or getting anxious about something, I pray, in fact, in this case, I've asked my husband to pray also. With all the terrorist activity lately, I've really cried out and asked for some confirmation that I'll "make" it to CA. I know this is a little dramatic, but the worst thing for me would be my son crashing/exploding with me, not cool. I've prayed from the beginning that I would NEVER have to watch Keane die (makes me think of Mary, Jesus' mother). I find in scripture that God's purposes will not be thwarted. For my feeble little mind, I want some sort of purpose in going to CA. Shopping doesn't really seem purposeful, nor does visiting for that matter, but setting up a trust fund for Mohan and Janice Kumar and finding a small church to support them does....

There is an update on those 9 little orphans in India. Mohan and Janice received 5 responses from people willing to adopt, but they were all out of the country. Adoption from outside India is close to impossible. So Mohan and Janice have decided to take them all on and open up an orphanage. They are looking for property right now near Banglore. Mohan estimates that they will need an additional $30,000 to complete the project. He desires that a small group of believers, preferably a small church would take them on with prayer and support.

So, maybe I will still die on the way over to CA, God's grace will uphold me, but there is a reason for going that is not personal, but will further His kingdom. Please be in prayer.

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