15 December 2009

The Vulnerable

I've started a Twitter account again, under the name wildghesemama. A few days ago I left a tweet about 9 babies in India that need a home. Some of you got the email about our friend Mohan trying to find a home for them.

Children, high on the list of the most vulnerable, are second only to the severely disabled. They enter the world with no option but to trust, no matter whose hands they are in. Some of us no longer consider that we have a choice to choose to trust somebody or not. The littlest, most precious, don't have that option. Millions are murdered before they ever enter the world. In India, unwanted children are left on garbage heaps, buried alive, or sold, among other things, I'm sure. One Grandfather keeps "digging up," not to be crude, his grandchildren and bringing them to this lovely couple, Mohan and Janice, who are standing in the gap. They take care of unwanted children in South India, and I praise the Lord for them.

What better way to spread the truth of the gospel than in a self sacrificing way of helping the helpless. Helping those little ones that can not give back. What an outworking of the true gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ coming to seek and to save the helpless, the ones that were lost.

Pray with me for children, and pray for Mohan and Janice. I specifically pray for the children of my friends of whom I have updated pictures. This keeps me focused on the goal. You have those that you can pray for. Mohan and Janice are in the process of adopting a sweet baby girl. I didn't ask them if I could post her picture, but she is a doll baby. Take my word for it. Her name is Sara (nice name, I think) Natania. Praise the Lord.

You know, we have this hope. Jesus IS coming back, and He WILL make things right again. Lord Jesus, come quickly.

For those of you that are coming to the Cookie Exchange on Saturday. There will be a box set out for donations to help these nine little orphans in India. Come prepared to give, at the Lord's leading.

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